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Acne Vulgaris: The Terror of the Pimple

Acne Vulgaris Overview When we were teenagers, we have a lot to deal with – parents, crushes, schoolwork, peer pressures and just being angry. However, what completes a typical teenager’s nightmare is none other than the growth of an acne in one’s face. One is a nightmare but a bunch more is totally a different […]

happy tummy

Diarrhea and Constipation: Happy Ka Ba Tyan?

Background on Diarrhea and Constipation We love to eat. That is a fact. We love to eat different types of food and sometimes we get too carried away that it might bother our stomach sometime soon. Diarrhea and constipation are just one of the most common condition our Gastro-Intestinal tract may encounter. Diarrhea is an […]


Cholelithiasis: The Fab Five

Background on Cholelithiasis We often hear about gallstones. We hear them from relatives or friends who were once wheeled on a stretcher for an operation to remove the stones. Gallstones are also known as Cholelithiasis and these stones are mostly composed of pigments or fat. Risk Factors To know if you are at risk for […]

headache after eating pinoy feast

5 Causes of Headaches after Eating

It’s the holiday season again and you are bound to get yourself into some party one way or another. But with these parties come FOOD, and lots of it. Sometimes, after you eat your fill of these delicious feasts, you get a headache. Ever wonder why you get these headaches? Here are 5 causes of headaches […]

Obesity and BMI

BMI and Obesity: What to Watch Out For this Holiday Season

Watch What You Eat Christmas is just around the corner and the holidays are usually a trying season for those who wants to lose weight. I, for one, is struggling to lose a lot of baggage and this season is not helping. You know what I mean. Endless parties and gatherings make it difficult to watch […]

MaGIC Cohort 3 Demo Day

MyLabs Demo Day: Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Center

The Experience The journey to Malaysia for the MyLabs Team is a blessing. When we were rejected at a local accelerator program, we thought all the doors were closed. When the Malaysian Global Innovative and Creativity Center opened for applications for their Cohort 3, we immediately grabbed the opportunity. Just within weeks, we were one […]

How To Make Your Lab be like Hi-Precision, Without Spending Millions

How is Hi-Precision any different from your laboratory? Both of you have competent facilities and a name to be proud of. You have a skillful staff that provides quality services for your patients too. But what makes Hi-Precision tick?  Technology. Hi-Precision has the cutting edge of technology that allows them to store patient data and share them with their […]


OVERVIEW Appendicitis is the inflammation of your appendix, a finger-shaped pouch that projects from your colon to the lower right side of your abdomen. Your appendix is a mystery as it still has no specific purpose. This inflammation causes pain in your lower abdomen, but in most people the pain starts below the navel and then moves. […]

Ear, Nose and Throat Consciousness Week

Otorhinolaryngology, also known as Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery (OHNS), is a surgical subspecialty of medicine that deals with conditions conditions of the EAR, NOSE and THROAT (ENT). That is why doctors who specialize in it are also called ENT Doctors. You can visit an ENT Doctor for the following: Infections and lesions of the tonsils and […]

white blood cells

Leukemia: Battling the Supremacy of WBC

Overview of Leukemia Blood Cancer. This is just another term used for Leukemia. In this condition, there is an abnormal increase in levels of white blood cells. But these are not healthy one rather they are immature and does not perform the usual task of a white blood cell.   In the Philippines, Leukemia affects […]